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David N.

I was looking for a way to buy bitcoin in a Roth IRA. After seeing BitIRA as a sponsor on one of my favorite podcasts, I contacted them right away. Jeremy and Tracie have been wonderful to work with. The rollover process was very smooth for me. In fact, I even recommended to my friends to contact BitIRA after having such a great experience.


Philip Mathis

I give top rating to the guys at BitIRA. After talking to several firms, it became clear to me that they were the best option. They were lowest on fees, had the most security and had the most responsive team. Once we got started with the rollover and purchase, they remained in touch and very helpful. I thank everyone over there.

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Nathaniel L.

"At first I was pretty tentative about going with any of the companies in this area. But BitIRA won me over with their level of professionalism. I also appreciated that they were the only company out there that is registered with the government. That gave me a pretty big sense of comfort. The whole rollover process took kinda long but it's done now. I love that i now have Bitcoin in my IRA!"


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